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Yannis Greek Restaurant, Seattle, WA

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Yanni’s restaurant (formerly Lakeside Café) is family owned and operated since 1984. We take pride in our hospitality, customer service and especially our preparation of the food. We try our best to bring you only the freshest ingredients, would it be from our gardens or from the vendors we choose.

Many thanks to our patrons in Greenwood neighborhood. To our long time customers we thank you for supporting us over the years. Through our tradition and your enthusiasm you have helped us create one of Seattle’s best restaurants (according to various publications). To our new customers, thank you for giving us a try.

We hope while visiting Yanni’s you will discover the great tasteful Greek cuisine through our specialties and enjoy our warm family hospitality. Remember once you are a customer you have become part of the Yanni’s family so raise your glasses in a toast and say, “Kalos Orisate” (Good arriving) meaning, Welcome!


Yanni's on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Disasters

Yanni's Greek Restaurant was featured on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares show in 2013.

What people are saying about Yanni's:

Great food, good service, and good prices.
My wife and I went to Yanni’s for dinner service after we saw the restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares.  The decor was nice - simple, clean, and fresh.  The menu was chock full of options.
The food arrived at a good pace and everything from the falafel, hummus, to the moussaka tasted great.  Our server had a fun personality and was attentive considering the number of tables he was looking after.  All in all, I think Chef Ramsey would be proud.
- Sagar Rawal, Local Guide

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Disasters

Yannis Greek Restaurant, Seattle, WA